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Francisella novicida transposon mutant collection

Individual strains from the F. novicida U112 transposon mutant library are available to the research community without charge (except shipping) and without expectation of co-authorship. There are two mutants available for most of the nonessential genes in the U112 genome (the "two allele set").

Prokaryotic Sequence homology Analysis Tool (PSAT)

PSAT is a web-based tool enabling researchers to quickly analyze potential regions of local synteny, or conserved gene order, between a reference bacterial genome and any number of other bacterial genomes published on NCBI. PSAT currently supports synteny analysis for any of the published Francisella tularensis genomes.

Pan-Genome Analysis Tool (PGAT)

PGAT II facilitates analysis of presence and absence of genes and the state of functional operons or pathways across multi-strain sets of microbial genomes. A draft version is available for comparison of Francisella tularensis genomes.