Francisella tularensis is a Gram-negative bacteria that causes the disease tularemia. The genus also includes the strains Francisella novicida and Francisella holarctica, both of which are important research organisms. The biology, genomes and virulence capabilities of these organism are under active investigation in research institutions throughout the world.

Our goal for the website is to foster communication and collaboration among the Francisella tularensis research community. Please visit the following sections of the website for more details about the tools currently available and those to be available in the near future.


02/19/2016 Transposon mutant libraries for Francisella and other species are now searchable with the Transposon Mutant Browser tool.

08/22/2010 The PSAT tool for exploring sequence homologies and synteny among multiple bacterial genomes has been updated with a more current set of genomes. The interface has been modified to help users more easily select genomes for comparison among the expanded list.

08/22/2010 PGAT is our Pan Genome Analysis Tool providing consistent annotation across multiple strains of microbial genomes for comparative analysis. PGAT features tools for accurately assessing the presence and absence of genes and the state of functional oprerons or pathways.